Planning our ACoRNS Listening Pod!

This week Professor Sarah Parsons and Dr Hanna Kovshoff worked with children from Springwell School to think through and plan the design of our ACoRNS Listening Pod! Children took part in a class project to design both the outside and the inside of the pod.

There were many fantastic ideas and colourful designs reflecting nature themes. Ideas for the inside included soft carpets and cushions, televisions, earphones, recording equipment, a touch screen computer, a radio, relaxing music, soft lighting, and sensory bubble tubes. After all piling in, the children agreed that it was probably best to limit capacity to 1-2 children at a time. They also recommended a number of Pod Rules including no food or drink, and no sharp objects!

The children also thought through some of the questions we should be asking children on the autism spectrum about their experience of school. These included ‘What is your favourite subject?; Who do you like to play with? And Where do you feel safe?’

Thank you so much to the children from Maple class for being such welcoming hosts and for contributing such creative and well thought out designs. We look forward to implementing your ideas and hopefully being able to show you the final product!

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