ACoRNS invited to new Sussex network

Sarah Parsons, on behalf of the ACoRNS team, was invited to the University of Chichester on January 21st 2020 to talk about ACoRNS with a new research-practice network being established in West Sussex.

The Pan-Sussex Autism Schools Network (PSASN) is connecting with the Pan-London Autism Schools Network-Research (PLASN-R), of which Sarah was a founding member. Jane Crawford from the West Sussex Autism and Social Communication Team heads up the PSASN initiative. Jane says that PSAN ‘is intended to provide an exciting opportunity for researchers to hear first-hand the issues and opportunities in schools for developing understanding and support for our ASD pupils. In addition, schools will get to hear first-hand about research taking place and its implications for school-based practice.’

Sarah will be an Associate member of PSASN and is very much looking forward to future discussions and the sharing of ideas and progress. This represents a great opportunity to continue to build the autism education evidence base in a way that is much closer to practice

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