Digital Stories project extends to West Sussex

Hanna Kovshoff and Henry Wood delivered a session on the Digital Stories project at Horsham Nursery School, West Sussex on 29th January 2020. The ‘I am…’ Digital Stories are short strength-based videos that show who a child is, based on their interests and exploration.

The session was attended by a range of Early Years professionals, including lead staff members from nursery settings, Portage coordinators, specialist teachers from the Autism and Social Communication team, and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities advisors.

The presentation sparked the interest of the audience, and led to an informative discussion about how Digital Stories could be useful to their practice, such as uploading the videos to children’s ‘Wiki’ pages (accessible and secure personal websites).

A number of nurseries expressed an interest in developing Digital Stories with their children, and we look forward to building community partnerships with them in the very near future. This project is funded by the Froebel Trust and the University’s ESRC Impact Acceleration funding.