‘Our Stories’ Project and Resources

If you’ve landed here to find the resources to make your own ‘I am’ Digital Stories and ‘We are’ virtual tours, scroll down to find the animated guides and to download the printed guides. But if you’re here to find out what the ‘Our Stories’ project is, click on the pdf below or watch the animation!

You can also watch some real examples of Digital Stories here.


‘I am’ Digital Story downloadable written guides

‘I am’ Digital Story animated guides

How to create an ‘I am’ Digital Story (young person version)
How to create an ‘I am’ Digital Story (staff version)
The importance of planning an ‘I am’ Digital Story
How to film an ‘I am’ Digital Story

‘We are’ virtual tour downloadable written guides

‘We are’ virtual tour animated guides

The importance of planning a ‘We Are’ Virtual Tour
How to make a ‘We Are’ Virtual Tour
How to film a ‘We Are’ point of view video
How to capture a ‘We Are’ inset video
How to create a ‘We Are’ 360 degree video