Lucy Cheshire

Name Lucy Cheshire
Course BSc Education and Psychology, University of Southampton
Role within ACoRNS I help in The Aviary Nursery, collecting film for children’s digital stories and getting to know the children.
What does the ACoRNS project mean to you? I spent my two Gap years working as a teaching assistant with special needs children, particularly children with Autism. This completely changed my life and I have a real passion for understanding how to better support children with autism, particularly in an inclusive setting. Helping with the ACoRNS project help to further my understanding of how to support young children with autism better on a personal level but also on a larger level, such as helping with major transitions that have to be organised by the school. This is a perspective that I haven’t been able to appreciate before and I consider myself very lucky to be able to do so now.
Areas of interest I have many hobbies, including card making and crochet. However my real passion lies in Special Education and child mental health particularly when you find children that need extra support in school as a result of mental health issues. In the future I hope to be either a play therapist or a SENCO and to use my skills to help these children.