‘Our Stories’ real examples

Here are some real life examples of ‘I am’ Digital Stories and ‘We are’ virtual tours from the Our Stories Project. Thank you to all the children and young people, parents, staff and technical partners who have made these stories possible. You can see other examples of ‘I am’ Digital Stories here.

‘I am’ Digital Stories

The ‘I am’ Digital Stories enable children and young people to introduce themselves and to tell their stories.

‘I am’ Digital Stories of School Transitions: Noah, Nathan, Lewis, Jae, Gisbert, Bobby and Aqtab

‘I am’ Digital Story of Post-School Transitions: Lil

Everyday Transitions These Story examples extended the ‘I am’ method to create ‘How I feel’ Digital Stories with young people at secondary school to explore their everyday transitions at school.

Everyday Transitions ‘How I feel’ Digital Stories: Tess and Aliyah

Healthcare Transitions These Story examples extended the ‘I am’ method to create ‘We are’ family Digital Stories with the involvement of parents to help with meeting health professionals for the first time.

Healthcare Transitions ‘We are’ Digital Stories: Sydney, Emily and Family 3

Healthcare Transitions ‘I am’ Digital Stories: Sasha and Tashi

‘We are’ virtual tours

The ‘We are’ virtual tours showcase a setting; its site, people and activities.

Hill House virtual tour

Friends of St James’ Park virtual tour

New Forest School virtual tour

Great Oaks virtual tour